Baby Grandview
This is the first aviary that Oak Creek Aviaries built.
This aviary was built for our local nursing home in 1996 as a gift to the facility.   
  • An aviary is a great way to offer pet therapy.
  • Contact with pets has proven to be beneficial to people of all ages.
  • The interaction with the birds will be a benefit to people with limited physical mobility.
  • Try an aviary today to see the many benefits an aviary has to offer!
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Oak Creek Aviaries
"A Work of Art With A Heartbeat"
Baby Grandview
We are Oak Creek Aviaries based out of Campbell, NE.  We pride ourselves in the
beauty and craftsmanship of our product.  Each aviary we produce is custom made
specifically to your desires.  From you choice of size, to the choice of wood, or color
of stain, your Oak Creek aviary will be one of a kind, making it  a beautiful addition
to your everyday surroundings.  Your Oak Creek aviary is handmade with pride by
very talented craftsmen and is guaranteed to your specifications and satisfaction.
Benefits of an Aviary
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