Service & Maintenance Program
Service & Maintenance Guidelines
1.        Maintenance of the aviary will be on a quarterly basis (one visit per three months) at the     
Customer's address or as setup by customer and contractor.

2.        Service included in base fee.
* complete examination of birds for general health and trimming of beaks and toenails                  
  as needed
* complete and thorough cleaning and disinfecting of aviary
* replacement of nests, vines and nesting material as needed
* maintain overall condition of aviary
* resupply window cleaner, grit, cuttlebone and bedding
* removal of bird overpopulation due to reproduction
* free Standard Package bird replacement provided recommended weekly                                        
   maintenance guidelines, provided by Contractor, are being followed

3.        Feed, lights & bulbs, optional birds, major repairs, additional service trips and applicable  
           taxes are provided at current market price in addition to base fee
Call us at 866-94BIRDS
Service & Maintenance
Service & maintenance per Aviary
Zone 1
Zone 2
Additional Aviaries (same location) $150.00
Service & Maintenance Billing Options
1.  10% Cash Discount is paid the day of service.
2.  Budget Billing- $85.84 per month, plus feed when needed.  
Additional units will be 1/3 of quarterly service per month plus
Billing Requirements
* Due 30 days from billing date.
* Accounts 60 days past won't guarantee cleaning on schedule.
* Accounts 90 days past won't be serviced.  (To regain service
past and present bills will be paid.)

and the birds.  Here's a brief list of the benefits of the Oak Creek Service & Maintenance
*  Your aviary will be cleaned on a quarterly basis.
*  The birds are checked for their general health, their breaks and toenails are trimmed, and
treated for mites as a preventative treatment.
*  The bedding is removed and disposed of.  The aviary is completely cleaned and
disinfected.  The nests and greenery are also cleaned and disinfected or replaced if needed.
*  The windows are cleaned; and the aviary is dusted and oiled inside and out.
*  The feed and water jars are cleaned and disinfected.
*  The grit and cuttlebone are filled and replaced as needed.
*  The babies are removed upon your approval to prevent over crowding of the aviary.
*  Your feed supply will be checked and refilled if needed.
*  After the aviary is cleaned and disinfected, the bedding is added, the feed and water jars
filled, and birds released back into their home.
*  After the cleaning of the aviary, we are there to answer any questions or concerns that you
may have.
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