Here's what people are saying about their Oak Creek Aviaries!

"The aviary was an instant hit!  Not only did the residents flock to see it, but their relatives and former
residents' families came by.  One resident who sleeps most of the day and is awake at night actually
awakened to come in to see the birds twice during the day.  Residents who live on separate wings and
who have not conversed much previously  were found deep in conversation while watching the birds
cavort.  One resident said she couldn't see the birds but was enjoying listening to them."  
Cimarron Memorial Hospital & Nursing Home, Boise City, OK

"Oak Creek Aviaries is an outstanding company to work with, providing high quality birds and
maintenance instructions."  
Midwest City Nursing Center, Midwest City, OK

"We've seen smiles on people's faces who wouldn't smile before."
Grace Care Center, Wichita Falls, TX

"Our customers, young and old alike, delight in watching the birds in the handsome oak cabinet aviary
designed to compliment the decor in our lobby."
South Central State Bank, Blue Hill, NE

"Usually when someone sees the birds for the first time, they gasp out loud and say, 'Look at all of
those birds.'  Residents, families and staff are still as excited today as they were when we first brought
them in."  
Care Inc., Brownwood, TX

"They remind me of the times when I was younger and would go around and try to catch birds in cages.
 Birds were a precious gift then.  They still are."  
resident, Grace Care, Wichita Falls, TX

"We are very pleased with the bird aviary that we purchased from Oak Creek Aviaries.  The most
amazing fact is that some of the residents that have refused any other activities readily accept and
enjoy the aviary and daily ask to be wheeled in to the room where the aviary is set up.  Some of the
residents that have behavior problems will set in front of it for hours.  It seems to have a soothing effect
on them.  Most of the residents give daily reports to staff as to what is new and exciting i the aviary.  It
is especially exciting when the birds lay eggs and then new babies hatch out."  
Valley County Nursing Home, Ord, NE

"The patients overwhelmingly love the birds.  I see 10 to 12 residents stroll out and just sit and watch
them, and they usually leave with a smile on their face."  
Grace Care Center, Wichita Falls, TX

"It is amazing how the antics of the birds are able to stimulate those who watch them.  We had no idea
that the purchase of an aviary would create this much excitement.  The Oak Creek maintenance staff
has provided excellent service to us on a quarterly basis.  We have had our aviary for over one year
and it still looks brand new."
United Methodist Home, Enid, OK
Oak Creek Aviaries
"A Work of Art With A Heartbeat"