Fund Raising Information

Congratulations!  You've decided to fund raise for your Oak Creek Aviary!  Since the birds will be
the center of attention for your community as well as for your residents, it is a good idea to get
everyone involved right from the start.  Perhaps these ideas, used successfully by many others,
will help:

Morris Press Cook Books - Trying to raise money for an aviary?  Let Morris Press Cook Books
help you with a great fund raising idea!  And what a great to way to advertise for your home!  Click
above to visit the Morris Press Cook Books website.

Charitable Organizations - The VFW, Legion, Elks, Masons, local Garden clubs, Church groups
have all been involved in bringing the birds to facilities around the region.  A brass plate of
appreciation identifying it as a gift from a local organization can be displayed on the aviary.  

Banks - Is there a bank in your community that handles trust funds for your residents?  If so, the
bankers are often looking for a way to show their appreciation to their customers.  The Oak Creek
Aviary is an ideal way for the bank to say "thanks" in a tasteful way, and get good publicity at the
same time!  Ask the development office of your local bank for their support.

Bingo - Lottery - Pull Tabs - It's a sure bet that these games sponsored by charitable
organizations could be the focus of fund raising to "bring the birds Home"

Family Members - Family members love the aviary because they recognize that it is without a
doubt, something for the residents!  They enjoy seeing their resident learning and being excited
about the life of the birds in their aviary.  It is not uncommon for a family member to donate the
aviary for their parent or family member who lives in you home.

Auxiliaries - Auxiliaries of your facility look for ways to have a positive impact on the lives of your
residents.  As one told us, "For Years we have raised funds to pay for painting rooms and putting
on additions.  We want to put in an aviary because it is something for the residents!"

Gift Shops - Many facilities have received their aviary as a gift from their Gift Shop.  Because the
profits from the gift shop purchases go to the aviary fund, customers fee involved.

Christmas Gifts - Why spend weeks looking for a gift for Mom and Dad for Christmas, when you
know they really don't need anything?  Save your energy and give a donation in their name for the
birds.  (Note:  Christmas decorations take on a special beauty when displayed as part of the
aviary.)  By the way, a message in your newsletter saying you re taking donations for the aviary
would be appropriate.
Oak Creek Aviaries
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